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Welcome to Julie Guttmann's Page

I work in the following areas: All Greater St. Louis.

You can reach me at 314-963-4464 or 314-608-9854.

My e-mail address is julieguttmann@sbcglobal.net
My website is www.circleoflifedoulaservices.com

I usually take 2 clients per month. If I am booked for the month that you are due, I will help you find another doula who would support the choices you are making for your upcoming birth.

My training includes:DONA approved Doula Training Course, , ALACE, Certified DONA Doula

Here's more about my qualifications/experience:

I am a DONA certified birth doula in my third year of practice. I have supported over 75 women and their respective partners giving birth in both the home and hospital settings during this time. My training came from two workshops, Mothering the Mother (DONA approved training course) and ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators). Before I began working as a doula, I served as a breastfeeding counselor at a local WIC clinic. I have given birth to two of my four children and understand the unique experience that childbirth is for each family. My philosophy is to honor your unique childbirth experience. I am committed to providing compassionate, loving support physically, emotionally and educationally to help you have the best possible birth day for your baby. Methods of support that I use include but are not limited to guided visualization and relaxation, healing touch, massage, acupressure, and position changes. I would love to talk more with you about my experience, and will happily provide references.

Here's more about my doula practice:

Included in my fee are the following services:
  • Prenatal visit- accompany to doctor's visit, assistance with birth plan (if desired)
  • Unlimited phone and email consultations
  • Use of my lending library
  • Continuous support during labor, delivery and recovery
  • Assistance with breastfeeding (if desired)
  • Assistance with photography (if desired)
  • Postpartum follow up
  • Community resource referrals

Bellycasting and childbirth education services are also available, please ask for details if interested.

I look forward to talking with you to see if we would make a good fit!

Thank you for your interest.

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